Welcome to the family. At FigTree Financial, family is at the heart of everything we do, and we never forget that. After all, our mission is to protect, manage and grow our clients’ wealth - now and for generations to come.

We understand that wealth gives you choices, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Our job is to understand your financial vision and manage the delivery of that vision in the most efficient and effective way possible. FigTree Financial is here so that you can get on with living your life with clarity and purpose - safe in the knowledge that we are taking care of your wealth.


At FigTree Financial we start with what matters to you. We spend the time to develop a comprehensive understanding of your personal goals, concerns and values before recommending anything.

Whether you want to maintain an enjoyable lifestyle, be generous to your heirs, support worthy causes or grow your wealth over time FigTree Financial can devise a plan that meets your objectives.

We segment our service offerings into three broad categories:

Wealth Enhancement

The global financial environment is constantly changing. Our experienced team can steer you and your investments clear of potential impacts. We will recommend customized and dynamic solutions that will help plan for life’s unexpected changes. Careful monitoring keeps your plan on target and consistent reporting gives you a clearer overall financial picture. We develop a holistic approach, coordinating all aspects of your financial life. At FigTree Financial we go beyond conventional investing and can provide alternative strategies that can enhance returns and reduce risk to your portfolio.


Unfortunately family wealth is not self-perpetuating. Laying the foundation now can help pave the way for the next generation. We work with you to make your wealth sustainable, giving you confidence and peace of mind in your plan. We sit on your side of the table.


In addition to long-term investment and overall wealth plans, our clients are faced almost daily with individual financial decisions. Our goal is to be the one phone call our clients need to make to address these decisions and develop appropriate solutions. Our team will also provide you with comprehensive reporting, so that you always have all the information you need at your finger tips.


Wealth and Estate Planning

Corporate Administration

Transaction Advisory

Treasury Management

Strategic Private Investments



Our team are seasoned industry experts, whose credentials include senior leadership experience with some of world’s largest financial institutions. We are forward-thinking and globally aware, but we aren’t afraid to outsource specific tasks to specialists when required. This approach ensures our clients get access to the best advice, but aren’t paying for services they don’t need. Our services are tailored to fit you, not the other way around. Beyond all the investment acumen, experience and knowledge – we are a team firmly rooted in the Caribbean. Integrity, open communication, commitment, trust, ethics and family are fundamental to our approach. Our team is based in Barbados, and has extensive knowledge and experience of the whole Caribbean region. FigTree gives you access to first-class service, knowledge and care where you need it, and when you need it.